Thursday, July 14, 2005

Do you know them?

We have a wedding website so our guests can get all the latest info on our wedding details and rsvp online. It's password protected. And it's password protected in such a way that you would have needed to receive an invitation to view the website.

Before we sent the invites out, I get an email from this couple wanting to know the website password. I didn't recognize the name They weren't on the list we had compiled. OK fine. Maybe we forgot someone. That's entirely possible. There are a lot of people being invited and I don't know alot of them, though I'm happy to say that I actually know just about every family member invited from my side. Anyway, I asked the Fiance and my mother if they knew them. No one knew them or had ever heard of their name! The Fiance swore it was one of the folks I knew from the community and I kept thinking it might have been one of his relatives they don't keep in touch with. Well, now, one of us has got to ask in as kindly way possible, "who are you? and how are you related to us?" I mean, is there really an easy way to ask?

I left the task for the Fiance who kindly replied to them. So far, no answer. They seemed like very nice people. If we had known them, we might have invited them. I guess we'll never know.

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