Monday, July 11, 2005

money money money

One of the things the Fiance is looking forward to is the money dance. Who can blame him? He's getting paid to dance with all these lovely women. Now of course the idea of the money dance is to start the newlyweds on a positive cash flow note.

Now a couple of years ago, Eileen did the 6 directions exhibit where she requested poems from all over the world to pin on her original wedding dress, because well, she was getting married to poetry gourd head and all. And ever since then, I've thought about this idea of pinning poetry onto wedding dresses, because frankly, money is nice, but I could use a romantic verse or two. And as we plan this wedding we are trying to integrate and incorporate the important areas of each other's life into the ceremony and reception. I liked Eileen's so much, I'm going to steal it for my own wedding.

SO, after getting approval from the Fiance, here's the plan:

Send us your poems or exerpts of your poems or quote your favorite poem, provided the text fits onto a piece of paper 2.5"x 6" or 6" x 2.5" (the size of a dollar bill) to michelleandrhett (at) gmail (dot) com. Send text files, word files, jpgs, however you'd like to embellish this size of paper. AND on the day of the wedding, we will distribute these poems amongst the guest's tables for them to pin on us, the bride and groom, with or without money or if they like it so much, they can keep the poems. Our wedding date is the 2nd Saturday in October, so if you get it in before September 15, I probably have enough time to print it out without my life getting too crazy.

The poems can actually be on just about anything. But ideally they deal with the kinds of things that are needed in a marriage: commitment, love, laughter, etc. or whatever else you think.

And yes, I'm serious. Poetry doesn't pay the rent, but I need a downpayment on my soul.

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EILEEN said...

YaY!!! Six Directions continues to expand!!!!