Sunday, April 09, 2006

nappy time

Babies have a good life. Eat, sleep, obsess and slobber over a rattle, ride the swing, repeat. The twins are learning to flip over, one has figured it out and will roll off the bed faster than you can blink. The other is a bit more incentive oriented thus all skills revolve around the bottle which she can serve herself with both hands. We had a bit of fun with them with a bit of "baby rugby" in which we either sit them or lay them on their stomachs equidistant apart and place one milk bottle between them. They manage to knock it over with their fingers then end up falling on the bottle, next thing you know it's baby scrum. All on the soft cushions of the bed of course.

Overall not so bad. We even got the 4 year old to take a nap. All of them were fairly well behaved. (And for those of you who inevitably ask the recently married couple, when. Well, soon, like longer than 9 months soon but hopefully less than 20 months soon. Then one of ya'll will be blogging about babysitting our kid. lol)

Time for my milky and put me to bed.

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