Saturday, April 08, 2006

Take my mother home

My high school English teacher is retiring this year after 40 years of teaching. She's moving to England. She wrote this play two years ago that she puts on for the Good Friday gathering at the church. The people who usually perform it aren't available this year. So this is the last time she'll most likely do this. So she called up a few old students to fill in. And like she says it's a spiritual experience.

Good Friday
April 14, 7pm
St Joseph Basilica
Alameda, CA

"Take My Mother Home" - A Lenten Spiritual Experience"

A few exerpts:

I think of Mary, no longer the first time mother of Advent, now a woman of lines, of questions, perhaps a woman of regrets, like us. But gentle and strong --like us too...

There's no angel now appearing, calling her blessed among all women. There's no angel at her Son's side calling him redeemer. Now, perhaps most importantly, to end the journey God began among us as a baby, He must be all man and share our journey to death. in the pain of the Cross, in the pain of Cancer, in the pain of Alzheimer's, in the pain of Depression, in the pain of Failure, He struggles among us again. We do not want our loved ones to see this. But still they stay...

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