Monday, June 05, 2006

mormons, superheros and knob creek whiskey

Up on the blustery but incredible view from South San Francisco, where you could see all the way to Hayward, poetic pics from hanging out with Bino(with Ver & her yummy cookies, Jean taking a break from her cubicle, Eileen with screwtop shiraz from Australia, birthday boy OB with soon-to-be-wife Barbara, unionizing Tony Robles and Marianne practically stopping by before heading to SFO, along with myself and hubby.

A fabulous feast with paella, kaldereta, and 4 flavored birthday cake. Poets galore around the table. And talk about Mormons, what a Filipino superhero would look like (ala endless supply of tsinellas weapons, like that mutant in XMen 3 who threw wooden spikes), discussions on birthrates and sustainable populations (thank you, PBS Nova) which led to some questions on when we were going to start adding to the census count, and some fine fine spirits (people, wine and whiskey).

Thanks, Bino for bringing in the good weather and for giving us an excuse to get together!

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