Friday, June 02, 2006

This dog is gorgeous

Just got my copies of Not Even Dogs and it's gorgeous! Perhaps one day most of our books will be electronic, but I'm a sap for feeling paper between my fingers. But I'm not saying it's gorgeous because I designed it, but because of the beautiful poems by Ernesto Priego. Because you can't make something beautiful that doesn't already have beauty in it. Of course, my designing eye was taking a few mental notes regarding gutter spacing if there's a next time. That's what happens when you have a designing eye, you can't help but stop designing.

And what makes this beauty even more enticing is that there's a combo sale going on.

1 comment:

Ernesto said...

Thank you, Gura. I can't wait to see it with my very own eyes! I am glad you liked it!

Un beso!