Thursday, July 20, 2006

get going

Am now registered for the conference in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Looking at the best airline deals and making sure there are no switches in Denver (per the advise of a seasoned United traveler). Am told there's Denver is not the best location to fly in and out from.

Also asking around and keeping on the radar anyone who has contacts regarding good affordable places with private bathrooms to stay in Europe. We're planning to be there first two weeks in April right around Holy Week. Still trying to figure out what country we should be in for Easter. Spend it with our cousin in Madrid, or my teacher in London, or in Paris on our own. Grant it, it's not the Philippines during Holy Week, but I'll have to research which country has the more interesting customs to make sure we're there when it happens.

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Rona Fernandez said...

We stayed in a very affordable place in London with a private bathroom and great breakfast; don't know if you're planning to go there. We were in Rome during Holy Week; lots of Filipinos and mass with the Pope on Easter, of course. But that meant it was a lot more crowded than usual overall.