Monday, July 17, 2006

and brushes

What's a girl to do after an eventful weekend of banged up knuckles?

Go on a girly outing with sis, mom, and her cousin for a mini-facial that sis won. Which got us a mini-facial and Origins product store, plus either a hand spa or color make-up consultation. Not wanting to explain battered knuckles (because really some days it's just easier to have no one notice and not explain it) I went for the color consultation along with my mom and sister. We all found out we all tan to the same foundation shade of Origin's "Latte".

We bought the foundation because it really was a nice blend, a facial brush for the foundation, a moisturizer with SPH 15 that I can bring for after swim class, and a couple of nice copper and gold eyeshadows that were good tones for a "daily" look and a eyeshadow brush for that too. These are my very first make-up brushes. I decided after the wedding, I like the looks-like-no-make-up look. Make up for me should be subtle.

I'll probably stay Latte shade of brown til November, maybe December. My tan doesn't diminish quickly. So, should be good for a few more parties. And hell, maybe I'll even try wearing make up to a few non-glam parties just to see if any changes happen.

I think my sister is getting used to my girly moments which are growing in number. But see, before, I just didn't know what the whole point was. And my point now is partially a kali one, make up is a feminine art of deception. It's a form of magic.

Maybe I should title this post series: "My changing face". Part of me realizes that I cannot see who I am at my core until I change my face. To locate my focal point. My current theory is that we all have an essence that doesn't change despite who we are at the moment, an essence that allows people to recognize you in every picture in your life. The stronger this essence the easier it is for me to change faces without becoming so lost. And up until this point in my life, I've really limited the faces I've allowed myself to possess. It's time to change masks and in that moment of removing one and putting on another, I might just get a glimpse of my true face. I don't know, it's a theory.

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