Friday, July 14, 2006

how does your garden grow?

I started a chore focus wheel that rotates daily as to what rooms/locations in the condo shall be the focus of a 15 minute organizing/cleaning sprint. It helps me to not feel so overwhelmed by cleaning the entire place, plus helps me feel like I haven't forgotten or neglected a room because I've been avoiding to deal with that area. We're almost through a full rotation.

The other day was for plants/balcony. So, I spent the 15 minutes trimming away dead leaves, sweeping up the collected dust. You can actually accomplish quite a bit in 15 minutes.

Below shows some of the various plants that I found in bloom. Of the 8 orchids I used to have, 6 are still hanging in there and one lovely decided to even offer up a bloom. Pics are a little blurry since they were taken with the phone camera and I'm still not sure what the focus depth is on it.


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