Wednesday, July 12, 2006

met a man on the bus

I completely missed my regular bus to work by half a block, so decided to take another bus that transfers to one that takes me downtown.

Of course, while riding the first bus, I watched the second bus go by, thus had to wait for the next one. But that's what Suduko is for.

On the next bus, a blind man got on. Not so blind that he couldn't tell that the sun was trying its hardest to get out behind the clouds, but blind enough that he couldn't see which side of the bus the open seats were. He chatted with the bus driver. A retired policeman, 25 years of service. From being an MP in Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba (but Cuba was classified and he couldn't tell you anymore than that), then Burlingame, SFPD, and Parks & Rec, til his blindness prevented him from working and there were no more desk jobs to fill.

He got off at my stop. Then asked if anyone could take him across the street to the next bus stop. I said I would. What's another detour on today's commuting travels? He placed his right hand on my left shoulder. Said I had a little shoulder. His name was Miguel. He was a translator who spoke five languages, had a French wife, a Korean wife, a Jewish girlfriend and now lives in Chinatown, so he's learning Chinese. He said he once had surgery that he hoped would give him back his sight, maybe give him a chance to drive again, but it didn't work.

At the stop he called out asking if anyone was taking his bus and if they could tell him when the bus was here. A woman spoke up and said she would. He said thank you to me and gave me a hug, said to "holler at him if I see him again."

Sometimes missing the bus isn't a bad thing.

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