Wednesday, July 12, 2006

O, Canada

Submitted the paper for the work conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in November. We're going to make it a bit of a vacation, so the hubby is tagging along. The conference is at the Fantasyland Hotel which is part of the West Edmonton Mall, one of the largest malls in North America. So, yes, we're staying at the mall.

Now, we're looking at things to do while we're there, including the Edmonton Rodeo Finals. We're also waiting on the NHL schedule to see if the Edmonton Oilers have any home games the week that we are there.

We thought about renting a car and heading to Banff, but it'll be November and as breathtaking as I hear it is, it's edging a bit on the wintry side to go driving for 4-5 hours.

Since I'm doing a conference presentation, I should probably look into getting a suit.

If anyone has other ideas about what to see in Alberta, Canada, let me know.

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