Sunday, July 23, 2006

picnics and heat

OK, so it's not as hot in Oakland as it is over the hill where you need an AC unit. Though uncomfortable a touch during the day, it's nothing that isn't cool enough to sleep in with the window open.

Had a picnic after the kali seminar on Saturday. The party Tuhan would have originally gotten if he hadn't of said yes to the party last Saturday. Since we were having the picnic we had plenty of coolers full of water, gatorade and ice to stay hydrated in the heat.

For all of Tuhan's lectures about becoming more efficient and how to be more effective with your technique, it's nothing like a heat wave to actually pay attention to those lessons. It reminded me of teaching kali in Camiguin. It's just so bloody hot you just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. No energy to waste.

It was a good time hanging out afterwards. Plus one of the Guras who couldn't make the party last weekend was able to be formally blessed and promoted.

Came home, took another shower, and waited for the sun to set and the air to cool.

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