Tuesday, August 22, 2006

dsl down and 1000 yrs of marriage

dsl at home is down. so, I'm writing this on my cell phone which still has internet.

saturday. enjoyed a 50th wedding anniversary. there was a combined some 1000 years of marriage with several couples in and around 50 yrs. longest marriage: 57 years! Her secret, "Always say 'yes'". Yes to what? who knows. Another funny moment when the MC asked a married couple to kiss so the celebrants could copy them. First couple married 48 yrs had a fairly passionate kiss in an embrace. 2nd couple married 49 yrs a small peck. The wife explained, "I'm tired of kissing him".

At the same party found out some people who took a month of kali classes from me last year were less than 6 degrees of separation and we've probably been to a lot of the same family parties and never knew it. It was one of those, "hey what are you doing here" moments.

It was also a good moment for D to ask the parents for my sister's hand in marriage. Surrounded by all those long lasting couples I hope several decadesof matrimony rub off on them.

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