Wednesday, August 02, 2006

silent smogless sixty miles per hour

A sports car that goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds and doesn't use a drop of gas to power it. And runs up to 135MpH. Uses any outlet (110V or 220V). Lithium-Ion batteries which contain less toxics than the typical car battery. Up to 250 miles on a charge.

Imagine, got solar paneling on your roof, plug in your car when you get home. No worries about gas stations. Though you'd probably have to try to stay within a 125 mile range from home for now until there are more and more places to charge up say on the I-5. All those rest stops on I-5 could have solar paneling (the buildings just sit in the blazing central valley anyway) and they could charge people a couple of dollars to charge up while they're getting a candy bar to pay for the upkeep of rest stops.

I'm obviously a sucker for a sexy car. And I love sports cars. Then again I'm a sucker for technology and I especially love innovative technology that makes life better and easier. OK, so I probably won't be first on the list to buy this car, which will be available Fall 2007 and available for purchase Spring 2007, because the rule of thumb is wait for the 3rd generation of any technology so they can work out the kinks (I prefer not to be the guinea pig). But still, SEXY, people, SEX-Y!

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