Friday, August 04, 2006

small world

While Leny was in Davao, she ends up having dinner with someone I know. Ros from the Enigmata TreeHouse Ecolodge in Camiguin, Philippines, but she happened to be in Davao for other reasons.

Camiguin and my adventures there, in many thanks to Ros, will forever be high on the list of favorite times in my life. Just looking at their website brings me back. And to think, I basically had the whole treehouse to myself when I was there.

The island has many hot and cold springs. There are municipality maintained ones for the tourists. There there are the local watering holes that you just have to know about. Ros brought me to one hot spring that emptied to the ocean. It was past sunset, but the moon was out. Must have been the full moon because we could still see rather well without flashlights. We each picked a tidepool where the heat poured in, while the waves crashed gently with the cool ocean water. Pure heaven. Ew, I just get a tingly joyfulness just recalling the memory!

I wonder when I'll return there. I dream that maybe we'll retire there. Same way how Uncle Phillip and Auntie Fe spent their retirement 100 ft from the ocean.

So if you're ever in that area, I suggest to stop by and say hello to Ros and friends. They also have some of the best vegetarian food in the Philippines. It's where I learned that the Philippines has ALOT of great vegetarian food, which more people would eat if we weren't so obsessed with eating meat. I'm a meat eater and I mean vegetarian food that's so good you don't really care if you eat meat again.

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