Friday, August 04, 2006

win some, lose some

Started the day in 2nd place with our wins from last week. We went 1 and 3 today. The team bowled the best we've bowled as a team so far. But we only managed to pull one win out of it. The other team who all average 170s just kicked it into afterburners, as they all score WAAAAAAAYYYYY above their averages. Like 80 points above their averages. First game we won by 36 pins. 2nd game lost by 14. 3rd game lost by over 100 pins.

It was disappointing, but can't say that the other team didn't deserve to win. They were phenomenal! One woman on their team was awarded a ring for the time she rolled a perfect score of 300 at the beginning of the season. We thought of their guys who had gotten 5 strikes in a row was on his way to getting a ring as well.

There are just days when you fight for every spare and struggle for every strike. I rolled this one ball, good power, good speed, right in the pocket and the pins fell into a 6-7 split. One of the fellows watching saw it and said, "that's just not right!" But what can you do, sometimes the pins don't fall and you have no idea why. For all the tips in those bowling books, even when you do everything right, it just doesn't work out. Oh well.

I'm getting closer to rolling a turkey though. I got two strikes in a row for two games.

I don't feel bad about the games we bowled. We bowled well, and could have bowled better. The other team was just better. And they deserved to win with the way they bowled. If there are ugly wins, then I'd say this was a good loss. We didn't lose because we didn't give ourselves a chance to win. We gave ourselves a chance to win. No one played horribly for all three games. Cuz even when you give yourself a chance to win, sometimes you still lose. There's always next week.

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