Thursday, August 31, 2006

wish I had cable

If we had cable, I'd probably be glued to Discovery Channel. On Monday at 9pm, they're showing Fight Science where they measure just how much force the human body can generate.

As a Human Biodynamics major, we used to do experiments, mostly with running and walking, where we'd measure the amount of impact and force that the body received. This show peaks my interest as I've always wished I had those kind of sensors to really measure how much force it going into a body or how fast the punches really are.

Even the martial artists measured were surprised at the amount of force they generated. Though I don't find that surprising. Alot of martial artists even though they practice the techniques and they even hit each other, don't really connect the fact that yes their hands and feet are actual weapons. Weapons that could actually crush someone's skull. It's a great deal of power. And the practice is a continual test of how much of that power can one control and use. How far to push it. Hell, they were only dealing with open hand techniques, how much more with the weapons?

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