Friday, September 01, 2006

4th place

Team MR.MSG finished the summer league bowling in 4th place. They no longer give bowling trophies, though the kids league still gets them, they divvy up cash for every game won. So, we came out with about $200 as a whole. Sweet! Hell, we just did all this for fun and didn't think we'd win anything. Much less get a chance to go to a tournament next month.

Yesterday was Sweepers, in which basically individuals bowl for prizes. Most of the people don't actually form teams, alot of them are just individuals that get put together for the session, so this is their chance to really turn it on.

It turns out most of our team are team people. We could barely get our averages and I could barely break 100. It just wasn't the same. Harder to focus on this kind of goal and prize than regular league.

We still get paired up with other teams and got paired up with who I would call the Grumpy Old Men team. They complained about everything! Complained about the lanes, about the pins, about how because coach is in a wheelchair that they were going to be here forever! Worse part they complained this to us, the people on his team! Or-ner-y!

Well, don't ever get Coach mad. The guy's competitive and even more so against people who complain about playing with him. He racked up his first every clean game (a spare and/or strike in every frame) and killed his average with a 184, which was good enough to get him 3rd place! But that's what you do in sports when you don't like what the other team has to say, you take it out on the playing field.

Winter league which is really most of Fall, winter and part of spring, starts next week and we'll be adding a few people on the team since you're allowed all the substitutes you want. I'm told the "real" money is at the tournament in a few weeks, so maybe we'll prep for that. Though the hubby would rather get a trophy than get cash, but he'll take the cash too.

Off to a long busy weekend with bbqs and family stuff. Be safe!

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