Saturday, September 30, 2006

I need a new do

Now that I've been keeping my hair short, I get kind of antsy even when my hair just gets to covering the nape of my neck. Time to get it CUT! When I used to get it cut once every one or two years. My sister and I have switched hairdos. The family is still adjusting. My sister used to be the one getting a hair cut every two months, now she's just letting it grow.

Anyway, I have an appointment at my hairstylist next Friday and thought about getting it highlighted. But then the Diablo Magazine dropped into my mailbox and while I'm ruffling through it, lo and behold, an article on Reader makeovers which includes quotes my very own cousin, Sheena Bautista, as the expert hair and makeup consultant over at Phoenix Salon & Day Spa.

So after I get my haircut, I'm calling her up over there. I know she had been apprenticing for some time. She ain't no beauty school drop out. Have you seen how many salon and spas there are in Walnut Creek? Jillions! Phoenix was voted by the magazine readers as their favorite salon in Walnut Creek.

Hell, I never knew before she told me that someone could make a decent living just doing color. Then again, there was much I didn't know about that world then.

Which also means, I'm switching the site template. I think I need a touch of red on the top, but maybe I'll leave that up to my colorist.

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