Thursday, October 05, 2006

busy busy busy

Haven't blogged for a bit. Been busy offline, at work, at home, you name it the schedule is packed both with work and fun stuff. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time in there to cram in studying for the French quiz, which I got a C- on. Oh well. Glad I already have a degree and don't really need the grade. I'll just review the chapter when the calendar lightens up to learn more about various ailments and going to the doctor, which ironically is what was going on in my life the week before, too bad it wasn't in French.

Anyway, I have written a couple of posts for future posting. But just not yet. So here's the list of stuff I would hope to be blogging more extensively about, but haven't quite done so.

-The hubby is a sworn in US citizen ready to bear arms for the country along with 1000 other folks sworn in that day. He should have his passport by the time we head to Canada next month. We even found an American flag for him to wave in the sale bin at Long's for a dollar.

-The hubby's Philippine folk dance photos are leaving the nest. Actually, two 11"x20" black and white framed photographs and two sets of the Philippine folk dance color photo cards. And they're going to a good cause. They're heading to APEN's silent auction fundraiser Friday October 13. I'll try to post a sample tomorrow.

-We find out how much prize money we'll get back from the bowling tournament soon. We're told that we will be getting some money from it.

-Kali's Blade work continues. Looking at artwork for the cover. Sent the guts of it to the book designer. Thinking about what kind of book launch we could do. Am already thinking about the possibility of doing book readings in Europe when we're there in March/April.

-A weekend of food and wine. Doing some stuff for our 1 year anniversary. Goes by fast! Events mostly circle around really good food.

-Looking forward to a picnic lunch with a dear friend who is off to London at the end of the month.

-Oh yeah, and the hometown team took two at the dome! And the other local team is rollin' on with its wins to some tough opponents.

Well, that's all for now. Time to get back to work. Life, work, does it really matter when all of it is fun?

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