Friday, October 27, 2006

lesson from last night's bowling

If the lane isn't giving you strikes even though you're placing the ball where it should be, instead roll for 7 or 8 and give yourself the easy spare.

The other thing we learned is that everyone, and I mean just about everyone, is out to play Coach. People are playing out of their minds against him (30 points above their averages). He's bringing out the competitive spirit out of everyone. Dallas Cowboy yesterday even said so himself, "I just want to beat (Coach) once. Next time I'll probably stink, but at least I got him once." Apparently, Coach's competitiveness is contagious. I think it's partially because he bowls in such an unconventional way and makes shots that seem unbelievable, they feel like well they can bowl well too. And that's fine but it's really hard for us as a team to keep up with phenomenal games week after week.

This of course got Coach kind of frustrated. But I think once everyone gets that one set of games out of their system, they'll calm down and maybe we'll have a chance.

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