Friday, November 03, 2006

mercury in retrograde

A couple of days ago, I got an email about Mercury in Retrograde which has come to be like the Murphy's Law on the atrological pop culture. The dreaded period when communication, travel, computers, and such get flipped on their heads.

And maybe difficulties really don't happen more often in Mercury in Retrograde, but thinking about it certainly focuses our attention to these kinds of issues.

It was rather funny really, because up to that point all of us at work thought we were just having a slow day. Then we get an email that our ticketing system that notifies us about client computer issues went down and that we weren't getting notified (communication and computers). Then at 2:37, BAM some 40 different messages about servers being down and computers not turning on and internet broken. LOL! oh damn, you know if you really didn't want to believe in things like Mercury in Retrograde, it was really hard not to be convinced of its existence at that moment!

With one of my coworkers on vacation, it was up to me and another coworker to make the calls and simply get through each one, one at a time. Many of the issues went away on their own thankfully. My coworkers joining me at the conference found out today that there were problems with their hotel reservation. (travel). Another one got her foot run over by her friend's car in a freak accident. She said, "I was supposed to run a half marathon on Saturday. I think somebody's trying to tell me something."

Mercury in Retrograde really isn't supposed to be as dire as people make it out to be. Sometimes I've found that the reversal has actually unblocked some things that were previously not going anywhere. According to several astrologers they mark it as a time for introspection and a time of surrender to things that come along. Go with the flow as it were.

Recommendations that I've read to make it through these three weeks is to be prepared, have numerous back up plans, be patient, reread communications before sending them.

OK, time to pack for Sunday, prepare for tomorrow (includes errands and a wedding to attend). Busy busy busy!

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Robert said...

No wonder I've been rebooting constantly! Everyone stop thinking about Mercury in Retrograde.