Friday, November 03, 2006

Obviously I'm not paying attention

OK, I watch movies, I listen to music, but for the life of me I hardly ever remember who acted in what movie and who sang which songs. I just know oh yeah, I loved that movie and oh yeah, that's a great song after I'm actually listening to it, but connecting the dots, I really don't remember. So don't bother asking me who my favorite actor is because unless I'm flipping through the Columbia House catalog, I don't really know. I'm constantly listening to iTunes bits and saying, "oh, they sung that one, I love that song."

Anyway, for the most part, driving around I keep the radio on 98.1 Kiss FM the local R&B station. I like all the classic R&B tunes. Something to groove to. And frankly, I find much of it swoonable music. Most other stations and music genre I eventually get annoyed with because of lyrics or something like that.

On the way home from bowling, the hubby says, "hey, you know that guy sitting next to me at the table, he's part of The Whispers. Some guy came up to him and asked him and he was."The tall guy with a full peppered beard. He was wearing a hat." (I'm not which Whisper that makes him.) Of course, at the moment, I have no idea exactly which songs the Whispers sang, but I know they're on constant play at 98.1. Come to think of it, this also explains The Whispers t-shirts the folks on the other teams had purchased a few weeks ago. He's related in some way to one of the regular bowlers in the league.

Obviously, I've been paying way too much attention to how many more pins we needed to win the next game to connect all the dots. Well, that and chatting with the other bowlers. It's one of the things I like about this league. There's competition and rivalry but not the kind that makes people mean. When someone is having a bad night, we've all been there and when someone makes a spectacular split or a long string of strikes, we're there to give them the high-5s.

When we get home, I turn on the computer to look up all of their songs and of course they're all songs I love. "Rock Steady", "And the Beat Goes On", "It's a Love Thing", "Contagious". And I'm practically screaming because I'm always grooving to those songs and oh my god, one of the guys who brought us all these songs was right there watching us bowl! Yes, strange but true. Oh yes, swooning and grooving right now.

And the beat goes on
Just like my love everlasting
And the beat goes on you'd better believe it
Still moving strong on and on

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