Tuesday, January 16, 2007

breathe again

With the temps dipping to under zero overnight, we've been blasting the heater in the bedroom. But after a few days of the electric heat, I found myself waking up at 6am practically gasping for breath as it had dried out my throat and all my salivary glands. This was not good for my muscle back strain as I could feel the pressure of the coughs push on those weak muscles. So we quickly used the rest of a Bed Bath and Beyond gift certificate to purchase a small cool mist humidifier. No extra filters, just a tank of water and a blue light so you can see the mist come out. At night it looks like a mini volcano with a quiet hum.

While we're not quite up to Mariah Carey's standards of humidifying (I heard her bedroom is practically all terry towels because she has 12 of those suckers humming in her room to protect her vocal cords), we no longer wake up brittle and parched. It was either that or we hang our laundry to dry in the bedroom.

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