Sunday, January 14, 2007

More creme than krispy

For the hubby's birthday, my sister got him a dozen Beard Papa's Vanilla Creme Puffs. But they're not the small petite creme puffs, they're the donut size creme puffs, with more of a delicate eggy crisp outside with an inch thick of a light vanilla pudding. Oh so good, and oh so wrong! If you're done with the super sweetness of krispy kremes, then you'll want to try these. They're sweet but not overly sweet. The SF store has a rotating menus of flavors alongside the staple vanilla and chocolate flavors. We shared our dozen with our parents and sister and just kept the half dozen. They're only available in limited locations and only in SF in the bay.

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Randy said...

There's actually a Beard Papa's near my place in Los Angeles in the mini-Japan town on the Westside. I've tried all the flavors except caramel, but vanilla is still my favorite. Definitely a guilty pleasure, and ten times better than Krispy Kreme.