Friday, January 12, 2007

we're #3

Tough tough match last night. I was playing with a sore back and trying to keep warm and stretch. The lanes themselves were tricky with ball rolling all over the place. We managed to win the first game outright with spectacular performances from R and myself (180). But by the 2nd and 3rd games we could barely find the pins. I dropped to 99 in the 2nd game and recovered to a 136 in the 3rd, but a series still above my average. The other team was amazingly consistent and really it was our game to win or lose since they didn't give us much ground.

But the first game was amazing, rolling a turkey in the first 3 frames. The thing about being sick or injured or sore is that you either concentrate more because of the slight pain or you tend to be more aware of your form. Either case you find a way to be way more exact and efficient at it simply because you have little energy to waste on inefficiency. Talk about using your weakness as your strength.

With the 4th place team taking all for games, they move to 2nd and we drop to 3rd. We were technically 2nd place because the other team had a higher pin count. Oh well. Third place is not bad for half way through the season. The other team wasn't as grumpy as before and we all actually had a decent time.

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