Thursday, January 11, 2007

seduction of a mac geek

Before attending MacWorld today, I read the Open Source Sex column about "How to Seduce a Mac Geek." Apple has played itself out to be the cool geek products much to the appreciation of the hard core long term Apple fans who are really actually more geeky than cool but are relatively more cool than the rest of the computer techies.

But as I walked the MacWorld aisles it was more about the seduction of a mac geek and there's only one way to do that, electronic gizmos like the iPhone which rotated under glass and had a security guard next to it telling people not to touch the glass because your fingerprints are messing up everyone's pictures. I know I took a few.

Other cool things: a visor, just like Geordi LaForge, that you connect to your video ipod to watch videos. They've been at MacWorld for the last 4 years or so and they're product gets better and better. But whatever happened to your mom telling you not to sit too close to the television? I didn't get a chance to try them on this time, but the last time I tried I thought they were a bit to warm to sit near my eyes. There was a cool new ergonomic chair where the seat isn't locked in, but swings as your move around.

Of the swag: I got a pen. There were some pins, and a gym bag. And one place gave out wine bottle stoppers. Hmm...maybe they think cool and hip Mac users drink more wine.

Most of the booths were for covers: ipod, phone, laptop covers, all with different designs to make your plain colored ipod more unique, but not. I bought an external 500GB drive at a good price which I'll use to do some video work we got hired to do for a wedding anniversary. And I bought a messenger bag that's a bit more ergonomic for my back. It's called the Bum Bak Packs and it goes over two shoulders so the weight is more balanced.

I have a regular messenger bag. But last week, I pulled a back muscle coughing from my cold, so the assymetrically balanced bag is killing me. Back isn't too bad so long as I do lots of stretching (thank you yoga tapes) and don't sit still. So, I need a better bag that can hold all my "cool Mac gear" and look "cool and hip" but not wreck my hip.

Actually, I'm not big on the look of cool and hip. But what I like about Apple is how it makes functional stuff really cool and hip anyway. A cell phone, I'm going to use it anyway, even better that it's cool and really functional. But I'm still not paying that much money for it. Though if you view it as a mini-computer, which it really is if the email truly has full functionality as opposed to simple text messages, then it's cheap. In any case, it's fun to look at in the meantime.

And truly, you want to seduce a mac geek? Ask Steve Jobs. He's the only guy that make an entire hall of Mac Geeks ooh and ah with orgasmic geek thrill.

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