Thursday, January 18, 2007

burnt plastic

We accidentally left the microwave cooking for too long and melted some tupperware. We've been trying to air out the house while we're at work, but the smell still lingers. Websites say to try to microwave baking soda in water or vinegar. Going to the store for some white vinegar which makes a nice cleaning agent for most things. I hope it works. This stuff smells worse than burnt popcorn. Fortunately, the bedroom door was closed when the incident happened so we can rest soundly without having some nasty odor infiltrate our dreams.

In other news, might try to see if I can find Mr. Priego while in London. Maybe we can chat about XML and Dreamweaver.

The back is getting better. I can last about 5-6 hours on a good 15 minute morning stretch. But today's list of meeting did me in by 4p.

Tonight, I'm emailing all of the engaged brides who stopped by our Your Exquisite Photos booth. Learning how to sell, bargain, chit chat. So, if you know anyone having a debut, getting married, or in need of updating their family portrait. Or maybe you'd like a new author photo headshot. Let us know!

I remember seeing Bino's author photo from "The Umbrella Country" and I thought he was a model. Great lighting and posing goes a long long way!

It's all part of the larger plan of doing work that's not really work. While having 9 to 5s are nice gigs, it's also nice to do things where you can set your own hours. Or to spend more time doing work that you would have done anyway or like doing, but it's bonus that someone is willing to pay you to do it. It's also nice to have some supplemental income coming in. Nice part about photography is that it's flexible enough that we could do it full time or just part time.

Alot of the photographers we met at the bridal fair were husband and wife teams. The husband usually started in it, then the wife joined him, which I may end up doing as well. Everyone has a different eye and it's fun looking for art.

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