Sunday, January 28, 2007

my next poetry book

I think my next poetry book is going to be a sing-a-long poetry book. Where I rewrite the lyrics to various catchy tunes that everyone knows, just like my "60 going on 70" poem in Mipoesias. Maybe I'll rewrite the lyrics to all of the Sound of Music, though it would be great to rewrite lyrics to some of West Side Story or Wizard of Oz or the King and I.

It places me in a writing challenge to not only following a kind of rhyming scheme but also fit into the musical syllables of the song. But oh how the underlying song really warps the poem itself into something else. Then at a book launch I could get singers to actually sing the poems, because I only karaoke, I don't really sing. Or someone could build the song into a karaoke rendition that goes on YouTube. lol!

So, maybe that's what I'll call the next book, "The Sing-a-long poetry book" which I'm sure people will think is for kids because the font will be in big fun text and the bright primary colors, but it'll really be for adults. And there will be chord progressions so someone on guitar could play the song. Now THAT would be funny!

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carbonator said...

excellent idea! denise can't stop singing your poem from mipo.