Friday, February 02, 2007

breaking the 500 barrier

We got a chance to play K&J's team. Always a fun time with their team. Lanes were dry which made for a good game for folks rolling the straight ball.

The team bowled well and we won 3. For a second week in a row I manage to score above 150 in each of the games and even finally broke the 500 series level: 172, 156, 187. Whoo-hoo! It's been fun each week getting more and more consistent. I even started understanding how the swing of my leg affects the curve of the ball.

What I like about bowling, and actually what I like about just about every endeavor I've tried that involves aiming at something, is the chance to watch the ball roll and seeing where it lands, then seeing if I can make an adjustment to get to exactly where I want it to be. And what if I do this, and what if I do that. And what makes this strike the same or different as that strike.

The hubby was a bit discouraged in the first game with the dry lanes, but managed to bring his score back up in the next two by changing equipment around.

As a team we still struggle with the 9th and 10th frames, not enough marks. We even tried to entice ourselves with chocolate for whoever could get a mark, but no luck. Maybe we need more than chocolate.

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