Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The English side of my brain has no idea what you're talking about

I was talking to my client who has a house in Provence, France. He's the one who had spoken to me in French and I actually replied to him appropriately, but when I switched back to English mode I wasn't exactly sure whether I understood him or not.

So I'm sure that there's a French side of my brain who seems to know what the hell anyone is saying and seems to understand how to reply back in French, but the roadmaps that join the French part of my brain to my English are not quite up to speed, so I still can't tell you what I said.

But, but, but, the important thing is that I replied appropriately in spontaneous unchoreographed conversation!!! whoo-hoo! There is hope for me yet!

Maybe we too shall have a house in the French countryside one day! In the meantime, I replay the Berlitz speaking CD when I go home.

24 days to Europe...

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