Friday, February 16, 2007

learning to explode

Learning to explode is key to eventually learning how to do the "1-inch" punch which for us is even smaller. I've felt the explosion and on occassion could produce a touch of it but to do it on a regular basis, well, that's the challenge.

In bowling, I've been fascinated at how people create pin action or the explosion at the pins. As the ball rolls it rotates as it skids along then explodes into the pins. The ball actually only hits 2-3 pins and those pins take out the rest of them. If you get enough rotation on the pins, there's an illusion that the ball doesn't curve but rolls "straight" when in actuality it's spiraling at a high velocity.

In the second game of bowling, I was able to do this. Increase the speed of my throw so the ball skids on the oil and instead of turning before the spins it changes direction right at the pins creating even more explosion.

On the ride home, I kept replaying the strikes in my mind and it kept reminding me of the "1-inch" punches. And how on the surface the punch looks like it's just a straight punch but the way it explodes into the person tossing them across the room, then you realize this isn't an ordinary straight punch.

And I'm thinking, "A-ha!" That's how the energy travels!

It enters then changes direction creating the cascade in the body. The energy hits really only 2 or 3 pins and those pins take out the rest. Several months ago during a class I was teaching, I kept hanging onto the idea in open hand work, "my hand is not the weapon, their body is my weapon. How do I make their body, my weapon?"

This is completely different from the way I had thought about the punch and what held me back from actually doing it. I kept thinking I have to somehow toss their entire body, I kept thinking I have to move this big thing. But I realize now, I don't have to move their whole body, I just have to find the right pocket to explode. If I can find those 2 or 3 pins, create a rotation in energy, and explode into that, then they will toss themselves. Wow, this is big! oooooh! So cool!

My mind is replaying all the explosive hits I've felt over the years trying to remember how those explosions felt and whether this "new" idea makes sense with what I've experienced.

Now right now, I'm not sure if my body is on the same page with this a-ha moment, but I think that may just be a matter of time.

Oh yeah! I'm going to have to try this! But that's why I have students.

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