Thursday, February 15, 2007

working hard for that 2nd win

It was supposed to be my week off, but decided to switch with a teammate so I can make it to an open mic in the city next week. It's been several years since I've been actively attending poetry readings and now with Kali's Blade out, I would like to get back into it, but need to balance it off with the rest of my life.

As we struggled to figure out the lane in the first game with three of us barely getting over 100 pins, the hubby and I rock it in the 2nd game scoring 191 and 193 respectively. We waivered at the start of the third game but came back to score 158 each. However, it was my sister, who with her ipod rocking Dixie Chicks, rolled in with a 201, her first 200 score EVER! whoo-hoo! On the last ball she hits a 6, as she stood to throw her ball, we all did the math and whispered she needs 3, she needs 3. The last time that happened, she heard us and choked, but with the headphones it was just her and the pins.

But the other team was not going to let us go that easily and the game came down to the final pins and the last balls with our anchors each hitting a spare in the 10th. Coach gets a 9. As their anchor comes to the line, we figure we can tie, since he had been nailing strikes on call. The ball rolls, and hits, 8. We win by 1 pin! What a nail biter! Splitting 2 games apiece. whew!

Our scores should be good enough to get my sister and I on the high game handicap list, plus she'll get a 200 patch, plus a 75 over average patch. yay!

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