Friday, February 23, 2007

singing with the pig

With a night off from bowling, I headed into the City hoping to finally catch the poetry readings at Dalva, but there was a private event and no poetry that night. Fortunately for me, Kearny Street was having a Year of the Pig Karaoke Night.

It was my first time in the new space as I really don't get out as much as I used to. Or maybe it's that the getting out of the house part has me doing other things like bowling and learning French. In either case, I'm just trying to keep balance on things. I was looking forward trying the open mic scene, but I'll have to wait a few more months for that.

It was a mini-reunion with some folks from college. I forget that KSW tends to be the 20-30 something post-college crowd. Quite evident from the very 80s selections of "Take On Me" and "I Just Can't Get Enough". Then there was my cousin, now a volunteer there, singing, "Material Girl". She might have been born in the same year that song came out, while the rest of us swooned to our junior high or high school dance days.

It wasn't just regular karaoke, they had Challenge karaoke where you could put money down to challenge someone to sing a particular song, but they could bid more money to make the other person sing it. It was fun, plus the pigtail punch they served was potent.

They sang the night til 1am, but I made the train back early to get home before midnight, it was a work night afterall.

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