Saturday, March 17, 2007


It's been two years since Brokeback Mountain was the must see movie of the year and I finally watched it on video. And yes, I had read about the two leading men and their excellent performances, Heath Ledger with his particularly nuanced character was excellent. But what really makes the dramatic shift are the performances of their wives and women. Michelle Williams, as Ennis del Mar's wife who finds her marriage falling apart after discovering her husband's secret, really heightens the tension that the lead characters face in their regular lives while retaining this dream of an idyllic world on Brokeback.

Ang Lee has honed that unrequitted love, love story. In many of his movies setting his characters in a love that their duties and expectations from the world cannot allow. OK, not sure if that's true in the Hulk, but certainly in Crouching Tiger.

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