Saturday, March 17, 2007

what's the real weapon

Tuhan had a spear and doubel-swords seminar at a park in SF which is frequented by various local park walkers and a few tourists looking for a nice view of ocean beach. There are a few tai chi people that practice there on Sundays.

We were practicing with the spears when the park ranger came to ask a few questions about the weapons. The weapons were not sharp, but dull practice blades. We tried to argue that they weren't real weapons, but the ranger said well, they could be weapons, you could use them as weapons. Well, sure, we could use them as weapons, but we weren't. I don't know if the ranger actually said we were violation of anything in particular or if anyone complained, nevertheless they asked us to pack up, so we did and put the weapons into our cars, then came back to the park "unarmed".

Instead, Tuhan changed the spear techniques into open hand. It was rather funny really. Because we all knew that Tuhan striking with open hands tends to be WAY MORE PAINFUL, than when he was striking us with the blunt practice spears. Could we get the spears back now, please? Now I know the ranger was just doing their job and saw the weapons and thought "ooh, those things are dangerous" because they're metal and shiny. And I'm sure many people would think the same way.

But honestly, what's the real weapon here?

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