Sunday, March 18, 2007

get packed

After the kali seminar, ate lunch at Louis' diner (we sat at the counter instead of waiting for a view seat). I love sitting at counters at diners. I had the cheese omelette with chili and onions. So bad, but so delicious!

Afterwards we went to Serremonte on the way to a baptism celebration at Manila Star restaurant, we had kill some time. Bought a card for the newly blessed baby. Then we got caught up at a sale at New York & Company. They have some nice office/dressy stuff and stuff that actually fits. They were trying to promote their sale and credit card which meant we got really great service from this one saleswoman there. And I mean that woman was working hard looking for the size and styles we wanted. I don't usually get store credit cards, but I have to say their selection of dressy pants for the petite, average, and tall sizes were great and I'll probably shop there again! Hard not to find the right size and fit for just about anyone. I also got a pair of dress shirts with the 3/4 sleeves and the longer cut. When I got home, I got rid of a few pairs of pants and shirts. It's alot easier to get rid of bad fitting clothes when you find good fitting clothes to fit them.

The baptism was fun! A baptism on the 2nd cousins side of the family. We greeted all the relatives who mixed up me and my sister (we usually get mistaken as twins especially since I cut my hair). Had a fun time chatting with them. Our cousins husband came to sat with us simply to catch up on who we were. He asked us about speaking to his kids in Tagalog. And frankly, we told him, even if they don't like it now, that he shouldn't stop. It's not so much just learning to speak Tagalog but the ability to speak and understand multiple languages. And my advise to our cousin's husband, who is Fil-Am like us and wants to learn Tagalog? I told him to speak english with a Tagalog accent. It seems funny. It seems silly. But he'll learn the rhythm and the physical part of language. All those thoughts that are not communicated through words. Words and grammar are such small part of communication.

Came home to find the sister-in-law and her family resting at our place which we hadn't yet "babyproofed" but the nieces helped us to figure out what we'd need to do,...move. lol! They enjoyed running laps from the kitchen to the living room and playing with the empty orange juice jugs ready for recycle. The twins are 18 months now. They know how to say bubye and blow kisses and they love peek-a-boo. They drink from water glasses if you hold it for them. The 5 year old still doesn't talk consistently, but she has her moments. When she's mad she can clearly speak a phrase and sometimes says a phrase in Tagalog like tapos na. You learn to appreciate simple things.

Today we bought a few items for the trip and brought out the luggage to start packing. 6 days to Europe.

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