Monday, March 19, 2007

heavy deep sleep

I've been sleeping rather deeply lately. Falling into dreams, some of which come straight from the tv shows I may have watched the night before, some not. I haven't been one to pay attention to dreams. I figure the really good messages will come to me when I'm awake. Plus I kind of have to be a bit more aware when I'm dreaming as some of my dreams can be dangerous for my bedmate. Sometimes I sleep so deeply, that my body becomes heavy, and when I wake I can hear the bed springs decompress while still lying down.

Filipinos have a word for waking up slowly: inin inin (?), the word they use after rice has just finished cooking but the time before you open the lid. There is that period of time that you wait for the steam to settle back into the rice, release the steam too early and the rice becomes hard.

The deeper I sleep the longer this decompression has been. I'm up to about 15 minutes. If I move too quickly, then my head stays in a foggy daze for most of the day. People would say that this is because your spirit didn't re-enter you completely. I'd go along with this idea and sometimes even go half-way into the dream state and call myself back, because knowing me I hate to leave a good party. But lately, the body has been taking longer to wake up, so much so that if I move too early, my stomach hurts, more like my intenstines or that area there. I feel queasy and I'm just lying down.

Sunday I messed it all up, then went to kali class feeling a bit detached and slightly queasy, then had to kind of bail halfway through cause I felt so awful.

The nice part is that I'm quite rested. And while my energy wasn't as go, go, go as it was last month it certainly feels stronger and much more even. The energy is running deeper.

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