Wednesday, March 07, 2007

do nothing

The hubby asked today if when we're in Europe have a day where we do nothing. Maybe buy a book and sit at a cafe for the whole day. And I'm like, "isn't that what Europe is for?"

Alot of people have asked us if we're going on a tour or if we just bought one of those package tours. Eh, tours are ok. If we were going to China, I'd buy a tour, like the one they were offering to campus staff. The bigger package included going to Tibet. I hope they have something like that in 11 years from now (as 11 is the youngest age for children to go). But for Europe, there are enough guidebooks, websites, expats, to be able to get a chance to wander.

Wandering is probably the best part in travelling. Meandering through neighborhoods, stopping in on stores, no agenda, no itinerary, just enjoying where you are. Maybe wander into a restaurant that looks interesting. Seeing what there is to see.

People ask us if we're going to see this or that and I reply, oh, maybe. It's not like I have a list of things to do in Europe that I have to get done. And if we miss anything, we'll just have to make the trip back.

One of my clients will be in France when we're there, but he will be at his home in Provence. He travelled to France for long spells every year anyway, so he figured, might as well buy a place if you're going to spend all this money renting one. And so he goes every quarter for a few weeks. And I immediately went home and asked the hubby if we can have a place in France. And he said yes, along with the house in Hawaii and Camiguin.

When we were interviewing my cousin's family for his parent's video, we looked through their travel photos. They took a vacation once a year to some place and took their two sons with them: Hawaii, Philippines, Mexico, Caribbean. Some people have told us that it's difficult travelling with kids and to do all your travelling now. But, we want to travel and we will want to travel with our children, so I guess we'll just have to figure out how this is going to work. My cousin told us how they travelled with the kids as early as 3 or 4 years old. Certainly staying at resort places makes it easier since alot of the locations have things for the kids to do.

The nice part having a home in all of these places is that with kids you know for sure you have a home base and if you just wanted to be at home but in a different country, then you could.

oh, it's nice to do nothing.

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