Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mama said Knock You Out

Tonight opened a bottle of Molly Dooker "the Boxer" Shiraz from Australia. And like the boxer on the label, it's a big bold shiraz that might very well knock you out the way LLCoolJ says.

Inky, big, chewy, raspberries, coffee, dark chocolate. I opened up the bottle, poured a glass, checked on my laundry, and when I came back its smell filled the entire room. With 16% alcohol it will blow away even the most aromatic Californian wines.

The initial tastes were dry, perhaps overly, and had me reaching for a glass of water. (I like the dry wines that make you want to drink more of the wine.) But if you're the kind of person who has never been sure about the flavors and smells in wine, this would be a great in your starter kit, plus it's screw top, so know fussing with the corkscrew.


EILEEN said...

That's one of the best screw top wines out there...had it last week! Didn't feel the alcohol content at all...but then again, I love "big reds" and I probably drink so much I am a bit immune to the last extra alcoholic percentage...

Gura said...

yeah, the boxer ain't for no lightweights! Only for the heavyweight contendahs!