Monday, March 05, 2007

making a movie

I'm making a 25-30 minute video presentation for my great aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. We just completed doing interviews of their children and families. We've been having a great time interviewing them as Uncle has always been a jovial man, so his kids and even grandkids are too.

I still have to review the video from auntie & uncle's individual interviews. We have about 4-5 hours of video footage, not including the 300 some odd photos there are too. Next step is to finish reviewing the interviews, importing them to the harddrive, then sketch out a storyboard before we leave for Europe. Then when we get back I'll be set to jump into the editing.

It's almost like a mini-documentary. I'm actually putting the skills from an oral history class to work. At first their kids were nervous about doing it, but once we were into it, there were all sorts of stories they were telling. The hardest was for the grandkids, being teenagers and all, they don't stop much to think about their favorite memories or things they learned from their parents.

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