Thursday, March 01, 2007

no games but plenty of winning

It's been a while since I've gone bowling, but managed to still roll a few points above my average. Unfortunately, the other team bowled a whole lot above their averages. Oh well, I had a good time anyway since I hadn't seen folks in a while. The last time I bowled my back was still hurting and tonight was the first time I had gone bowling without any kind of pain or need to lie down by the third game.

R gave his wife a night off and brought his 5 month baby daughter to the bowling alley. Actually, he's been bringing the baby to the alley for several weeks so she's used to the noise. She looks just like dad. R joked that they're still trying to figure out who the mom is. She even shook my hand which he had never seen her do and she wouldn't do it with anyone else. Must be just a trick between me and her.

So even though we didn't win any of the games, there was plenty of winning.

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