Wednesday, April 25, 2007

appliance review

We finally decided to get a new vacuum cleaner. The one I had, which my parents bought for me when I moved out on my own 9 years ago, had finally choked on it's last piece of hair. So I took a trip to Sears, because Sears is always good for appliance stuff like this. I ended up buying Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum with Intelliclean, which was rated a CR Best Buy from Consumer Reports.

The vacuum is bulkier and heavier than the last one, but has the nice HEPA filtration and handles hair well. Alot of folks with cats raved about this. I don't have cats, but I have hair.

The vacuum also has a computer on board (what doesn't nowadays?) that can tell how dirty your floor is and increase the suction power based upon how dirty the floor is. Basically you just keep vacuuming til the light turns green. I tried it out near the front door with heavy traffic and it took me some 15 minutes to vacuum a 10ft square area to go from red to green, so I guess I have alot of vacuuming to catch up on. No excuses now.

I like that the attachment hose is much longer and it has an extending hose and lots of attachments, though I wish all of the attachments could be stored on the vacuum. It is heavier, but I do like the Intelliclean system and the ability to change the suction levels on the vacuum. Plus after I vacuum it doesn't feel like a dust cloud has been kicked up into the air like the old one.

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