Wednesday, April 25, 2007

eu de chinese herbs

Well, I've replaced trying out the Fragonard perfume sampler with a boiled bundle of Chinese herbs, which kind of smells like sweet tea. The acupuncture treatment went well. I'm not that squeamish around needles. She said it would feel like a mosquito bite, which as the sweet blooded American, that was something I was used to too.

I had a friend who does pressure points work on me before the appointment which was good because he was able to remove several layers of stiffness, so by the time I got to the acupuncturist there was just a lingering deeper stiffness.

She took my pulse on both sides which lies fairly deep in my wrists. Then my blood pressure, then she looked at my tongue. I lay facedown while she put 25 needles in various places in my shoulders, ankles, knees, hands and ear then tried to keep from moving for 40 minutes or so. It's kind of interesting. If I moved the energy around my body I can actually feel the needles from the inside, but I couldn't quite find the ones in my hands or knees.

We measured my neck rotation range before and after and it looks like there was some progress between the two times. So I scheduled three more appointments in the next couple of weeks. She also gave me a hot compress of Chinese herbs to boil and use externally. Since we're in the midst of planning for a family, she decided not to give me anything internal.

She also tried a couple of needles on the top of my fists that she turned while I moved my neck around which also helped some.

My coworker was like, "you're just falling apart!" Well, that's fine, sometimes you have to take yourself apart. Let's just hope I put myself back together better than before.

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