Saturday, April 21, 2007

it's like

It's like I might as well have a rod in my spine but with electrical volts if I turn the wrong way. The past few days my neck has been getting stiffer and stiffer. I know I pulled something sleeping when we were in Spain but now that I'm back to work, my body decided to let me know that I was back to work.

If I sit in perfect straight posture, no pain. Lean on a stack of pillows, same thing. It's just all the positions in between, like turning my head that will send piercing bolts through. Hmmm...which probably means that although much of my back is tight, I'd put money on a nice tiny spine muscle creating the chain effect. Boy those tiny muscles don't complain at all, but when they do, they sure are LOUD!

My sister is asking her accupuncturist if I can trade in for her spot on Tuesday afternoon. I've never been to a treatment before, but my sister swears by her. Plus I'm willing to go because unlike the first time around I don't think I could last a month with this going on.

This pain feels similar to the same one I had at the beginning of the year that healed a few weeks before Europe, except that this is a few vertebrate higher which is limiting my arm movement and definitely making me move rather slowly when turning my head to look at something.

There's such a fine fine balance of the spine that I've been learning to feel out. I've been learning to move smaller trying to find that sweet spot where the weight is evening distributed and the body can relax, until I move again.

After the party, we went home, I took an extra strength tylenol and laid down for several hours. There's still some stiffness in the more surface muscles of my neck and stiffness in the extreme turning, but I've gotten some movement back. And you know it's bad when I'm taking tylenol, which I hardly ever take unless it's really really really bad (and even then).

So while I looked forward to perhaps picking up the pace of life, the universe or my body which is my physical universe has reminded me to slow down and take it easy. And oh yes, to quit slouching too.

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