Friday, June 15, 2007

Meritage Press' new Associate Editor

As I knelt down, bowed my head, the Chair of the Universe of Meritage Press took my Kali's Blade and with deft and dexterity lightly tapped my shoulders to elevate moi (the way all staff members of Meritage Press call themselves when speaking of official press matters) to Associate Editor!

I probably won't be leaving my day job any time soon. But apropos to have a ceremony as in the days of olde, as I see this more like an apprenticeship. If you wanted to learn about a craft, you didn't go to school, you found someone you thought did it and became their apprentice for however long it took for you to learn said craft then branch off on your own. I realized that I'm not just interested in poetry but that I'm interested in its entire process which includes how the poetry travels to you, the reader.

So I'll be off carrying buckets of water up the hill (oh wait, that's a scene in Kill Bill), or whatever associate editors do, because these books just don't magically appear, someone's got to make them happen.

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ver said...

Hey, that's very cool. Congratulations, Gura!