Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sting side seats!


I had never gone to a big stadium concert before. I actually bought the tickets and tried to resell them online, but I didn't have any takers so I decided to go with my sister. Can we say, SOOOOOO COOOOOOL! And bonus that we were 5 rows from the stage on the aisle AND that Sting was on our side of the stage!

We got there early and listened to the two English bands that played before the Police made it to the stage. Fortunately for us the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic was passing out earplugs with a donation. I tell you, I would have paid $10 for the pair.

It was an interesting crowd with people bringing their kids (some of whom looked bored and probably didn't think all of this was a big deal). Some folks thought they were still 20 and partied a little too hard before the show. But for the most part it was an over-35 crowd. We actually saw them looking out the window of their green room in one of the luxury booths above left field at the Coliseum. Everyone commented on how they'd never seen the stadium this packed. Which goes to show that as much as I love the Oakland A's, the city and county will probably make way more money when they're gone simply because it can be used for more big music concerts like the Police. For the touring musicians, you can't beat the ability to play a gig then head out on the flight to their next gig.

The Police was certainly showing their age. Sting's hairline is closer to his ears than his chin, but he's still looking pretty fit and fine, must be all that tantric yoga he was talking about on Oprah. Even Sting's bass was worn down to the wood where he rested his arm, but Andy could stroke his guitar without you even seeing him move his fingers. I was impressed with his guitar technique. Steven just looked like he was having fun and actually all of them were. There was some joking between the three on stage and something going on between Sting and Andy because at some point my sister noticed Andy throw Sting the finger. hehe.

Their set seemed to fly by. They closed with Roxanne, but called back three times to the stage before the crowd decided it was way past their bedtime.

Folks in our section were quite friendly and folks who had gone to get more beers would offer to get us something. We didn't know them, but it was nice of them to ask. Security on the field was quite good and they managed to keep the crowd from rushing the stage too much. Either that or the older crowd just weren't going to storm the stage anymore. I mean, we all stood for the show, but we all had seats, as opposed to a standing room only area in front of the stage.

I was able to take some pictures from my cell phone. I tried getting video but the sound was so loud you can barely make out the song. But hey, I have proof we were there having a blast!

Although I sing Roxanne often in karaoke, I think my favorite song from the Police is "everything she does is magic". My sister was the bigger Police fan, so she knew 90% of the songs. I think if I were to go to another big concert, I'd want to go to a Prince concert, because you know that's going to be a party.


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