Friday, June 29, 2007

news from the other side of the world

A coworker just came back from three weeks in Asia. Remember that pet food scandal that killed all those people's pets? He said he was watching the news and they reported that the head guy in charge of their Food and Drug administration has been sentenced to death. We certainly didn't get that news broadcasted here. The NY Times reported it, but it didn't hit any of the local news outlets I watch. Grant it, this wasn't just about the pet food scandal but a mounting list of contaminated food and drug items that have sickened people around the world. Who knows? Maybe inside China people were used to massive food contaminations, but once they started exporting, especially to the US, one of their largest importers of Chinese goods, now it's costing them billions. But, wow, imagine if our penal system worked this way, death row would be filled with Enron type execs and government officials. A different view of the world.

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