Tuesday, July 10, 2007

netflix for the gaming world

I signed up for Gotta Play which is Netflix for the gaming world, though there are a few other services like Gotta Play, the price was right and it was rated highly.

I've been wanting to try all these other games for the wii but really don't want to buy a game until I've tried it. And as much as online opinion sites might help me in my selection, I'm really a hands on kind of person.

Like Netflix, you sign up for one or two games at a time, stick them in your queue, keep them for as long as you'd like, then send it back when you're done, then they'll send you the next one on your list. It's certainly cheaper than buying the game and finding out I didn't really like it. I really hate buying things I don't really like just because. This service gives me the satisfaction of trying before buying.

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