Friday, August 17, 2007

Amused Muse

It's actually been a while since I've gone to an art event. They just haven't been in my calendar flow. So I was quite happy to have been a muse for Eileen's piece in the Cheers to Muses Anthology.

We of course ran into Mr. & Mrs. Bermeo. I was flipping through the book seeing who else was in it and was happy to see a poem by Lolan Sevilla. Since this anthology includes artwork along with writing, I noticed another familiar name, Lori Kay, a sculptor I had taken kulintang classes with years ago. Her piece, "Heir Rice," in the anthology is the picture above. Click on it to see more of her work. Some of which you may have seen around SF, including the broken wishbone piece that sat on the SF State campus.

Lori was one of the first sculptors I had ever met way back when my life was mostly filled with poets, not that there's anything wrong with writers, but artistically speaking, it's nice to have a variety. Plus I was fascinated at how she worked with large sculptures and metal. I remember thinking, it's one thing to write, I can write just about anywhere, but to do large sculpture, where do people do that? So it was good to run into her again. Maybe someday I'll ask her to commission something for me.

I also found out that Ms.Evelina Galang was also a muse for contributor Vanessa Merina.

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